2-Year-Old Girl Found Frozen To Death After She Wandered Out While Father Slept

A toddler has frozen to death while playing on her front porch in Ohio. Wynter Parker, two, was found unconscious outside her home by her mother who called police Friday.

The little girl was without a coat, hat or gloves in the freezing temperatures that fell between 12 to 19 degrees Fahrenheit in Akron, Ohio.


The mother said to police that she left the child with the father while she ran errands. However, the father, who works night shifts, fell asleep.

She said she was absent for about two hours, during which the little girl wandered outside of the home.

When the mother returned at 3:30pm she found the child unresponsive on the porch and called police, who then instructed her on how to perform CPR on the child.

‘You’re gonna carefully tilt the head back, you’re gonna pinch her nose closed and completely cover her mouth with your mouth and then blow two regular breaths into the lungs,’ police instructed.

The child was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital where she died.

Parker suffered severe hypothermia, according to the medical examiner’s office.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine official cause of death.

Neighbors of the Doty Drive home said they often saw the two children of the home, a girl and a boy, playing outside without parent supervision.

‘I’ve had to take the baby home ’cause she’ll be outside playing. It was a few times that I had to take both of her kids home,’ neighbor Crystal Lucas said.

Neighbors also said they occasionally heard people arguing outside of the apartment, according to Kron4.

‘I cried because I just don’t understand how a two year old could be outside and you not know,’ Lucas said.

Authorities came to Lucas’ door to inquire about the children of the home where the incident took place.

‘It was freezing and that was my biggest worry when the cops came, when they started asking about the kids, they didn’t divulge what was really going on, but when he asked about the kids, obviously something was going on and I was worried,’ Lucas said.

The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office in northeast Ohio will determine cause of death.

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