BBNaija: Another Couple Caught On Camera Purportedly Having Cex At Night

There are strong rumours that Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates, Teddy A and Bambam were caught on camera surreptitiously ‘doing the do’.

Teddy A and BamBam
Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates, BamBam and Teddy A were on Sunday night caught having cex according to social media views.
This is coming after Miracle had accused all housemates of having cexx, noting that it was the reason for the missing condoms. However, viewers have questioned the video of bambam on top of Teddy A seen online after light out, suggesting they had s*x.
While some are of the opinion that they had s*x, others argued that they were just touching each other.
Here are some comments:
@s*xymuna “They have f*cked and I’m sure you are there dying in shame, you guys never expected it
@harveypel “Teddy n bambam are already asleep, but I can see the duvet running an autonomous operation”
@bbnaijaupdate “Bam is fully n*ked on Teddy & he is doing it gently so we wn’t code if I hear say Miracle lie again ogun go fire d person”
@foreverarmani “Bamteddy having their clothes on doesnt mean they didnt have s*x… dey re under the duvet, are u seeing down there? No… If its like that, Nina and Miracle didnt have s*x. Period
@s*xymuna “Bam is fuly n*ked on Teddy & he is doin it gently so we wn’t code if I hear say Miracle lie again ogun go fire d person
@angie “For Mina the other housemates even witnessed it.facial expression n waist movements were evidence.u n I knw this video of bamteddy circulating is false accusations.
@deeyune “Me i don’t know why #BAMTEDDY having s*x or not should be my own problem or what I want to fight over, I don’t care all they do,I don’t even care watching the show anymore. all I want to do is to vote for both whenever it’s time to vote.
“It’s sweet to dish shit out to other people but you cannot take it. Bamteddy had S*X last night and that is it. NOTHING y’all gonna do bout it
@thyzeek “If they don’t want to do it, why is Bam Bam topless and n*ked on top Teddy. This people too fake and camera conscious
@sexymuna “They just finished having s*x #bambam and she went to clean up. Hope y’all saw what she is wearing for easy penetration.”
@ogasmooth ”Oga knacking nah Knacking. U can’t defend this. God Don expose una finally. If nah other house mates Unah for Don dey talk rubbish.
@shinemuni ” Both BamTeddy had their full cloths on. How can you say they had s*x. How can you have s*x with your cloths on. Bambam visited the washroom right after that full duvet covering them and both their cloths were on.
@bbnaijafanpage “Its a lie, bambam did it after she came back from the wash room, they are still on top of each other. Common don’t defend whats not it

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