‘Dont Be a Victim’- Slay Queen Advice Ladies After Her B.utt Surgery Goes Horrible Wrong (Graphic Photos)

Dear Ladies learn to love yourself, If you want man to love you, Stop Tyrna Impress, A piece of Advice from your girl Ebiwali.. Here is An American Fitness trainer Jenelle Salazar Butler a.k.a. “Get Bodied By J” who just begun a campaign against B.utt surgery, After the one she did went horribly wrong..The Wife and mother had previously went on The Doctors and explained that she’s removing the illegal silicone she previously injected into her B.utt to enlarge it.

The fitness expert/Insta-model told the hosts that she went through with the back-alley procedure because she was envious of other women’s curves.

While the surgery is a success, she Unfortunately got an infection as a result of the extreme surgery procedure..

She shared graphic photos of her B.utt, and dished out her advice, see below!

First pics

Second pics

Third pics

”1 Day Post REMOVAL & reconstruction of silicone

“YES they CUT it out & suggesting more reconstructive surgery because the silicone was embedded within my skin, fat, muscle & tissue all the good stuff that I NEED

“Right now IDK if I want to go through this again. SO I’m just focusing on healing!

“PSA? I don’t post pics for pity or sympathy I post to EDUCATE!

“So if you can’t appreciate that & want to be negative while I’m trying to spread positivity & LIGHT

“Just UNFOLLOW because No one has time for ignorance??

“I have my journey highlighted on my page under B.utt shots because people are asking me the same questions over & over.’

Her friend also shared the photos on her page, still advising:

See Unedited Graphic Photo here and here

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