Exposed: See The Ritualist Who Pays Young Boys To Collect Pants Of Virgin Girls For Charms (Photos)

A man has been nabbed and disgraced after it was reportedly found out that he assigns young boys to bring him panties of virgin girls.

The man (l) was nabbed by locals
These are photo showing a suspected ritualist who was caught yesterday at Abagana, Anambra State.
The photos and story was shared by a Nigerian clergy, Prophet Samuel Oduma.
According to Prophet Samuel Oduma, the evil man pays young boys 10,000 naira to collect pants of virgins for him which he uses for charms and rituals.
The man’s charms
Yesterday, the man was exposed, disgraced and severely beaten along with one of his accomplices as his shrine and items were destroyed in the process.
Below is a video of the man as shared by the prophet.

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