For Guys3 sure places to find the perfect wife material

Here are three places where you’ll most likely find the best babes to take home to mama.We know where you can find the perfect babe to marry – whether in this 2018 or in subsequent years.

While we concede that there’s often nothing black and white with love and romance, experiences have somehow shown that some things happen with more regularity than others.

So while you can literally find love in the most unusual places or in a hopeless place like Rihanna, here are three places where you’ll hopefully find the best ones to take home to mama.

1. Religious gatherings

Whether it’s at church or at a mosque [those are the most likely places], there’s never a short supply of decent ladies

Especially the mid-week services because we know only those who are truly dedicated ever attend these.

2. Weddings

Guys, it is an open secret that single babes attend weddings not just for the jollof and small chops.

Even the ones that are not single still come to weddings hoping to meet the real love of their lives.

So when next you get invited to a wedding ceremony, make sure to add extra starch to your agbada and iron it till such perfection.

The woman of your dreams might be coming to meet you right there too.

3. Work environment

There’s something about a young woman who does legit work for her own money and does not wait on hand-me-downs or exercise a brazen feeling of entitlement » to other people’s money.

There’s every likelihood that if she makes her own money, she’ll learn to value yours.

She’s also a financial support and not just a spender – the perfect type of wife material that men are seeking in modern marriages.

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