How My Ex Husband Got Married To Our Own Daughter, Got Her Pregnant – Woman Tells Shocking Story

According to a report by Metro UK, a distraught mother has spoken of her pain and disgust at seeing her ex-husband marry and then impregnate their long-lost daughter.Alyssa and Steven Pladl gave up their daughter Katie for adoption but when she tracked them down as an 18-year-old an incestuous relationship started between father and child.

Steven swore there was nothing happening between the two when he left the family home and Katie began living with him.

However, DailyMailTV revealed the sordid affair was exposed when Steven’s 11-year-old daughter stayed with the couple and could not understand why they were kissing each other.

She recorded her feelings in a journal: ‘Katie is pregnant. Dad says they feel like couples. Did they get a little too drunk that night? My dad is a slut.’

The 11-year-old child’s journal which revealed the affair between her sister and father (Picture: DaiyMail) She also drew pictures of her dad as Satan and worried the baby would be ‘half-demon’. Alyssa, 37, had her worst fears confirmed.

Alyssa Garcia Pladl with a picture of her daughter Katie who has ran off with her dad (Picture: Chris Bott)

She said: ‘There are no words to describe the sense of betrayal and disgust I’m feeling. I waited 18 long years to have a relationship with my daughter – and now he’s completely destroyed it.’

Steven divorced Alyssa and then posted pictures of his ‘wedding’ with his daughter, complete with guests including his own parents.

Alyssa added: ‘From what I know it was an official wedding, even if it was illegal. They just didn’t disclose their father-daughter relationship.

‘They were all there for an incestuous wedding and she’s pregnant with his baby. How they could be there celebrating is beyond me.’

However, there is little chance of the couple living happily ever after as both were arrested in their marital home in North Carolina and charged with incest, adultery, contributing to delinquency on January 27.

The crimes carry sentences of up to ten years if they are found guilty.

They both had bail set at $1 million, which was raised by Steven – while Katie remains in custody at Wake County Detention Center pending her extradition hearing on February 28.

Alyssa is furious her pregnant daughter Katie is the one behind bars and not her ex-husband.

She said: ‘Katie is the victim, she needs to get some help, she needs to be shown how to prioritise that child and rebuild her life.’

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