Kim Kardashian slammed as she has North, 4, take topless photo

Kim Kardashian has been slammed by followers after she uploaded a photo of her taking her bra off, that was taken by North.

Her four-year-old daughter. Gotta say, we wonder how Kim didn’t think would cause an uproar… The 37-year-old reality star and mogul shared the saucy snap on Thursday, and fans immediately found a problem with the toddler using her camera skills on such an image.

In the photo, Kim is seen looking into the mirror as she takes off her bra and holds her chest – and, again, seemed like Kim was intent on getting away with a little nip there… – while you can see North, obscured by the flash, standing behind her mother in the reflection.

📸 by North

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She captioned the pic: ‘by North’. And fans were not happy. One said: ‘Love Kim but why would you have your baby girl take pics of you taking your shirt / bra off. It’s a little wrong.’ Another added: ‘So is this what you’re teaching your daughter to do and look up to?’


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