Kylie Baby[Stormi] Looks Exactly Like EX, Tyga…PHOTO PROOF

 Kylie Jenner and her ex Tyga broke up YEARS ago – and she’s been dating her new baby’s father Travis Scott fort he past year.
By all accounts, Kylie has been faithful to Travis too – so there’s no reason that ANYONE should question her son’s paternity.

But we can’t help but notice that her daughter Stormi – definitely bares a resemblance to Tyga.

As you can imagine, folks on social media have ALL KINDS OF THEORIES as to why that’s the case . . .

“Stormi is definitely Tyga’s baby lmao”

“Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby, Stormi is adorable. But does anyone else think she looks like Tyga?”

“I know everyone was joking about it but Stormi dead looks like Tyga ..”

“Tyga need to get a test on Stormi. She looking way to Asian these days lol”

“I am soooooo sorry that I’m about to type this but Stormi looks a lot like Tyga lmao how do I unfollow myself x”

Take a look at the video below. Do you think that baby Stormi looks like Tyga or nah?

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