Tragedy In Community As 12-year-old Boy Drowns In Ondo River While Fishing With Friends

A Teenager has reportedly drown after he went fishing with friend in a River.

The residents of Lisaluwa Street, Ondo town, Ondo State, have been thrown into mourning after a teenage who went fishing drowned in River.

A young boy who left home on Monday with four of his friends to fish in a river shortly after a downpour, has drowned in the river on Lisaluwa Street, Ondo town of Ondo State, after he did not return home.
According to PUNCH Metro, the 12-year-old boy, Samsodeen Adeniran’s friends reportedly could not explain his whereabouts, as a search party was organised to look for him at the river.
A source who spoke to a correspondent said;“Local swimmers were employed to find the missing boy. His corpse was later found in the river by the swimmers.”
Another source revealed that the deceased’s parents were arrested by the Ondo State Police Command for the death.
meanwhile, the State’s Police Public Relation Officer, Femi Joseph, confirmed the incident, describing it as sad and unfortunate. He denied the arrest of the deceased’s parents, saying they were only invited for interrogation.
Joseph said, “It is illogical to say we arrested the parents. They came to report to us and they told us that they were not interested in making any case from the incident and we agreed with them. So, they left and buried the boy.”

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