Woman Who Has Been Carrying A Huge Tumour On Her Back For The Past 9 Years Finds Relief (Photos)

A woman who had been carrying a really large tumour on her back for as many as nine years, has finally found some succour.

According to a report by Daily Star UK, a woman who carried a large tumour on her back for nearly a decade finally had it removed in a risky seven-hour surgery.
The woman, whose surname is Zhang, was unable to walk properly as a result of the 1.5st (22lbs) tumour.
Her tumour – which weighed a whopping 9.97kg – also made it very difficult for her to sleep.
The woman has finally had the tumour removed
The 66-year-old, from the city of Shenzhen in China’s southern Guangdong Province, sought help from the Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital in her ninth attempt to find a cure.
Plastic surgeon Li Guolu said the tumour – a sarcoma – needed to be removed immediately as it posed a danger to her life.
Doctor Li explained: “The malignant tumour had grown onto her bones and also entered her left pleura.”
They operated on Zhang for seven hours, removing all parts of the sarcoma in the high-risk surgery last month.
The pensioner has since recovered from the operation and been discharged.
Zhang said she discovered the sarcoma nine years ago. She thought she had gotten rid of the tumour during her first operation, but it kept growing back – and it became larger with time.
After trying several rounds of cryotherapy Zhang decided to get the lump removed surgically

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